Nowadays, looking at (especially at night) the dazzling street shops are full of glitter and make people uncomfortable. We may not be unfamiliar with luminous words, but with the continuous development of science and technology, the types and forms of luminous words in the market are complex, and the requirements of indoor and outdoor are quite different, but there is a kind of boundless luminous words that can be used in any place, so what is the production process of boundless luminous words?

    It is a new type of craft product, especially the combination of acrylic panel, bottom box and LED lighting. Its product is exquisite and has good luminous effect, which is sought after by the public

    The production process of borderless light-emitting words is as follows:

1. Panel production

    First of all, we use the laser engraving machine to carve the word edge slot on the acrylic panel and cut the borderless light-emitting word panel. After the panel engraving, we polish and polish the acrylic to ensure the delicacy of its production

2. Production of word box

    Generally, the box materials used in conventional use are brushed stainless steel, bright surface stainless steel, iron sheet or aluminum alloy baking paint for slotting at the corner position, and then laser welding. Because part of the materials are sprayed with white car paint after the word box is made, and then the bottom box is made after the oven is dried However, we need to pay attention to the following points: if some materials are used in different ways, the workmanship will be different, so we should pay attention to the distinction when making them

3. LED light installation

    During the installation of LED lights, pay attention to the uniform arrangement of wires, preferentially install them in the deep position of the corners, so as to avoid uneven lighting. In addition, after the installation, apply glass glue to reinforce the position

Note: both resin light-emitting words and borderless light-emitting words are installed with the above method

    The above is about the production process of borderless light-emitting words. I hope it can help you. At last, I would like to remind you: install the bottom box along the gap on the edge of the panel, and fix it with organic glue. When the glue solidifies, the production process will be completed successfully!