Equity Details

1. Equity Introduction

1.1 Regular PLUS members can receive 5 shipping vouchers per month, each with a face value of 6 yuan. Among them, PLUS annual card members can receive a total of 360 yuan shipping vouchers (60 vouchers), PLUS quarterly card members can receive a total of 90 yuan shipping vouchers (15 vouchers), and other valid cards can receive a maximum of 30 yuan shipping vouchers (5 vouchers) every 30 days of validity.

1.2 Shipping Voucher Issuance Instructions: The shipping voucher issuance time is based on the date of the user's purchase of the PLUS official member. The shipping voucher is valid for 30 days from the issuance date, and will be issued monthly before 24:00 on the user's purchase date. If there is no such date in the current month, it will be issued on the 1st of the following month. If a user renews during the membership validity period, the shipping coupon issuance date should be consistent with the membership cycle shipping coupon issuance date during the renewal operation. The delivery of shipping vouchers may be delayed for several hours, please be patient and wait.

1.3 Freight coupons can only be used to offset the shipping costs of the self operated product orders of the designated home. When users place an order for settlement, they can choose to use this coupon to offset the shipping costs in each settlement order based on the face value of the coupon. Freight coupons can be stacked and used in the same order without any change.

1.4 PLUS official members can receive a Home Express discount coupon with a logo of 10 yuan or more minus 3 yuan per natural month. The coupon is valid for the current month after receiving it. Please use it promptly; Before September 30, 2023, update the opportunity to receive at 00:00 on the first day of each month. The full discount coupon for express delivery can only be used during the delivery of the marked home express, and only one coupon can be used for the same express order. Currently, only some cities support the Logo Home Express delivery service. The applicable cities for the Logo Home Express service are based on the Logo Home Express page, and the remaining cities are gradually opening. Stay tuned.